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Additive Treatment Services

Our Additives Treatment division is staffed with experts in Cargo treatment and our facilities are equipped with the necessary equipment and chemical additives supply to improve products quality in a safe environment. Our professional experts provide competent advice, based on laboratory testing and experience to choose the best and most cost-effective way to treat the product. We provide our services to oil traders, refineries, transit pipeline operators and oil terminals. Our services can be performed in-line during operations or directly in to cargo tanks. We provide our services throughout the United States and overseas.

Our additives team can provide our services and treat a wide variety of Product list including but are not limited to Crude Oil, Heavy Fuel Oil, Diesel oil, Gasoline, Naphtha and other petroleum products. Fore theses products we are capable of treating these specifications to improve on are, but not limited to: Ash, Dyes, CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point), Lubricity, Cloud and Pour Point, Cetane Number, H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide), Drag Reducers.

Draft survey

NMK Resources experienced and highly trained surveyors are capable of conducting a draft survey to determine the weight of any materials being loaded into or discharged from a vessel. Our surveyors shall perform this service using up to date calculation models and formula to ensure the most accurate result possible. The Verification of the vessels data and accurate determination of the variables and constant are key elements in producing a reliable result.

Tank Calibration Services

Our tank calibration division is staffed with experts and equipped with state of the art equipment to provide this service. Our engineers and technicians will apply their experience, knowledge and skills to calibrate tanks of various sizes, shapes and designs used for refined petroleum products, crude oil and LPG.

Bunker Quantity Survey (BQS)

At NMK Resources, the division of Bunker Quantity Survey is staffed with Experienced Bunker Fuel Surveyors offering unbiased independent quantity measurement inspection services for marine fuels. The Bunker Survey inspection certify quantities of oils onboard vessels and/or barges before and after the bunkering according procedures of API MPMS chapter 17.1.

NMK Resources BQS reports help clients support fuel shortage claims and quality disputes when they occur.

Railcar tank survey

ALL of NMK Resources facilities are staffed with highly trained surveyors and equipped with state of the art equipment to provide rail car Quality and Quantity inspection and testing services.

Loss Control Services

Our Loss Control division provides on-site attendance of vessel to vessel transfers. Our experience staff protect customer’s interest and reduce their risk.

Bunker Fuel Testing

NMK Resources offer marine fuel analysis services required by latest ISO 8217 standard of quality specification in compliance with revised MARPOL ANNEX VI regulations and corresponding directives.

Our laboratory services can be combined with express courier services, sampling supplies procurement and fuel treatment consulting support, assisting ship managers to implement routine quality monitoring on marine fuel purchases at any world port in reasonable time and with affordable cost. Fuel quantity measurements, bunker surveys and fuel sampling by professional fuel surveyors (IFIA) can be also supported at busy ports in order to protect buyers from shortages.

NMK Resources package of services for routine ISO 8217 spec testing can combine:

  • Drip sampling flanges (type approved by ABS) to collect fuel sample at ship's manifold during
  • Bottles compliant with MARPOL, ISO-TR & Singapore standards of fuel sampling
  • Expert Surveyors to measure R.O.B. fuels of both sides per stage and monitor the sampling
  • Fuel samples picked up from world ports to be consigned by DHL Express within 48hrs max
  • Marine Fuel Analysis Report for ISO8217 specs issued by ISO17025 accredited laboratory

24/7 expert advice on marine fuel on board treatment and problem solving support