NMK Resources



NMK Resources provide all petroleum inspection and laboratory services in a professional manner and unique handling.

NMK Service includes:

  • Draft Survey
  • Bunker Quantity Survey (BQS)
  • Tank calibration
  • Railcar tank survey
  • Loss Control
  • Inland and River Barges
  • Seagoing barges
  • Tanks Inventory
  • Tank and compartment cleanliness
  • Suitability Inspections
  • Quality Control
  • Tank measurements: ship, barge, rail car, truck and shore
  • Product transfers: ship to ship transfers, shore tank or pipeline transfers
  • Vessel loading and discharging inspections
  • Railcar loading and discharging
  • Ship and barge sampling
  • Sample retention and disposal
  • Preliminary cleanliness inspection for shore tanks, tankers, barges and ships
  • Offshore lightering
  • Barge services
  • Additive Treatment Services
  • Laboratory services
  • Bunker Fuel Testing
  • Petroleum product blending
  • Marine fuel management: survey, quality analysis, investigation and consultancy
  • Consulting