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About NMK Resources

NMK Resources is an innovative, leading independent company that provide professional inspection and laboratory services for its customers throughout the US and around the world. The company's first office was established in Thorofare NJ in 2001 and it remained since then as its worldwide headquarters. Since then the company extended its services to have offices covering all ports from Boston MA to Panama.

We offer inspection services for the major oil companies, International trading companies and refineries for all petroleum products range: crude oil, refined petroleum products including but not limited to Jet Fuel, gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, VGO, residual oil, LPG, Petrochemicals in addition to the additive treatments capabilities. The laboratories are staffed with highly trained chemists and equipped with state of the art equipment. The field inspectors are highly experienced and the managements are experienced, knowledgeable and skilled to provide excellent results.

The company implement a comprehensive Quality Assurance Program in compliance with ISO: 9001: 2008, as well as ISO 17020:2005. Several of our Laboratories certified by ISO 9000:2008. NMK Resources is bonded by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and active participant in American Petroleum Institute (API), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), International Petroleum (IP) and various other industry related organizations.