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Our Vision

Quality Statement

We strive to be a World-Class Organization by providing expertise and leadership in our fields and delivering high quality, value-added services to our customers with courtesy and respect.

We continually improve our services through the optimum use of technology and by being.

Responsive to changing needs. We advocate employee empowerment, decentralized decision making and responsible risk taking, as they are essential for our planned growth.

oil rig workers

Quality is the individual and joint responsibility of all employees and our corporate commitment. We aim to be the most innovative team of professionals in our industry. We endeavor to perform each task right the first time and every time.

NMK Resources is committed to quality service and total client satisfaction. ln adherence to this philosophy, the Company complies with all relevant ISO standards. These international standards necessitate continuous quality improvement including overall performance, cost efficiencies, and consistent quality of services.

Our commitment to quality is guaranteed through a comprehensive range of Standard Operating Procedures and fully documented Quality Systems developed in accordance with various industry standards.

Equipped with the most modern information technology services and a total dedication to our customers, we deliver the highest standards of quality that fully satisfy our clients' expectations. We have a compliance program in place, and all of our inspectors are trained in accordance with lnternational Federation of lnspection Agencies {IFIA} and API procedures. Our experienced laboratory chemists guarantee reliability of our oil test results.

We pride ourselves in our trans-parent quality guarantee and invite all existing and prospective customers to audit our facilities and experience our superior quality standards. During the past several years, we have successfully passed multiple audits. We take seriously, and act upon, any recommendations passed on by auditors in order to ensure that our quality service is unsurpassed. ln addition, we conduct regular internal quality audits to recognize potential problems.

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